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The Glass Hat was born to shine light on the art around you that is far too often over-shadowed. Every day and all around us, artists breathe life into the world we live in. Living in such a media-driven world, our news feeds are over flowing with names we already know.

The Glass Hat is here to turn the tables and give local artists the front page; make your home-town talent the centerfold, and blind the world with a whole new light.

This page is dedicated to models. Yep, all the eye candy that you could ask for. Most of the beauties below are Made In Oklahoma (MIO), but we do occassionally like to feature those from outside our beloved state. From California to Washington DC, if they are submitted. They will eventually show up on this page. We will update this list as necessary.

You maybe be thinking, why do I not see some of the risque stuff that frequently appears in the magazine.

Well, I'll tell you. We are building a separate gallery for those types of image. The gallery is currently under construction featuring more of the Not Safe For Work (NSFW) images. Why a separate gallery? We will not point any fingers, but we know there are some that want to see just a little bit more. Once completed, that gallery will be for you. So definitely check back often as both galleries are currently growing.

We are contemplating the addition of a male model gallery. There have been some requests, but unfortunately finding talented and dedicated male models are somewhat difficult. So if you know of some, let us know. :-)

Model List

Female Models Location Type of Model Other Locations
Bee Brunson Oklahoma City, OK Glamour, Fashion, Runway, Fine Art Nudes Modeling Website
Carolina Santos Norman, OK Glamour, Fashion, Runway Model Mayhem
Charlee Carlton Little Rock, AR Glamour, Bikini Website
Christina Lynn Tulsa, OK Glamour, Bikini, Promo Website
Crystal Eastman Holiday, FL Glamour, Fashion
Jaimie Arnold Shawnee, OK Glamour Model Facebook
Jamie Bell Oklahoma City, OK Fitness
Kris Sayre Pawnee, OK Fitness, Bikini Model Mayhem
Leila Lewis Amarillo, TX Fetish, Glamour, Nude, Lingerie Model Mayhem
Sarah Lawson Oklahoma City, OK Fitness
Shannon Lynch Shawnee, OK Fashion, Artist Facebook
Tashia Poore Edmond, OK Fashion
Wendy Teague Oklahoma City, OK Fashion, Fitness, Glamour Modelmayhem

Glamour Model Shoots

Event Location Sponsored Sponsor Site
2014 Bikini Calendar Turner Falls, Choctaw Trixies

Croatian Model Shoots

Female Models Location Type Other Location
Petra Mestric Varazdin, Croatia Beauty, Fashion, Editorial, Swimwear

Alternative & Goth Model Shoots

Female Models Location Type Other Location
Ryynagade Oklahoma City, OK Beauty, Glamour, Editorial, Print

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Artist Submission Process

We love art, supporting the different varieties is what makes being a part of this magazine so great. Whether it is painting, pottery, crochet, basket weaving, glass blowing, photography or modeling...the list goes on and on. We want to show to the world your creative ideas.

There are specific submission requirements and our process is important to the vision of the magazine. This enables us to streamline our efforts to get your artwork published. So please pay close attention, failure to adhere to the submission guidelines will result in ineligibility to be published. If you are a model looking for tips, follow the link below.

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